Flower 2Choosing a retirement community is a major decision and you’re sure to have lots of questions. Here are answers to some of the more common questions we receive. For more information, please contact us at RPadgett@PenneyRetirementcommunity.org  or call toll-free 800-638-3138.

You do not have to be retired to live at Penney Retirement Community.

Is PRC expensive?

A You will probably be surprised at how affordable it is to live at PRC, compared with living in your current home or other retirement communities. Visit us for a brief presentation and tour. You’ll also find pricing guidelines in the information provided when you contact us.

Is there transportation available to local towns and cities?

Yes, PRC provides scheduled transportation to local hospitals, physician offices, entertainment facilities and other locations. In addition, many of our residents volunteer their time to drive those who can no longer drive themselves. Getting around the campus is usually done by golf cart, bicycle or walking.

Must I be a missionary or member of the clergy to live at PRC?

A While PRC was originally founded for members of the clergy and missionaries, today there are residents from many diverse backgrounds who live here.

How far to the nearest shopping district? Grocery stores? Restaurants? A major mall?

There are two grocery stores and a few restaurants within a 10-minute drive of PRC. Shopping and restaurants are plentiful in Fleming Island, which is a short 20-minute drive. The Orange Park Mall is about 25 minutes away and downtown Jacksonville is a 40-minute drive.

Are there residents from a full-time Christian service background at PRC?

Yes, many of the current residents are retired clergy, church workers and missionaries from as far away as Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil, Congo, South Africa, Japan, Germany — and even Mongolia!

What if I have an interest I would like to pursue that is not on the volunteer list?

Introduce your interest to the community! You may find others interested in the same thing but who may lack your skills. You could bring yet another great activity to the community.

Where can my family and friends stay when they visit?

If there is not space in your home, PRC has a total of 10 guest rooms available at reasonable rates for family and friends — right on campus!

One of my hobbies is gardening. Can I do this in a single-family or duplex home?

Yes. The beds next to your home or duplex or in your yard are yours to enjoy. In addition, we have a community garden and orchid house for your enjoyment.

Can I have my pet in a PRC home?

Yes. PRC welcomes pets for single-family, duplex and cottage homes. Some small pets are permitted in the Quad with a application. Pet-owning residents are asked to acknowledge and abide by a pet policy that most find very reasonable and appropriate.

Do you have floor plans for all your living accommodations?

Nearly every home or apartment has a unique floor plan, so not all of them are available on the website. We do post floor plans of homes that are — or soon will be — available. Click here for a sample.

Do I have to dress up for dinner?

Casual clothing is the norm year round at Penney Retirement Community. We emphasize a home-like atmosphere throughout the community and want you to feel comfortable. Plus, with the beautiful Northeast Florida climate, you rarely need more than a sweater even during the winter months.

Do I have to volunteer to live here?

Volunteering is not required, but we do encourage everyone who is interested in serving others to participate. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities both on campus and in nearby communities. You are free to volunteer if, and wherever, you choose.

Is PRC owned or sponsored by a Christian denomination?

No. Penney Retirement Community and Penney Memorial Church (on campus) are inter-denominational and independent. Currently, 29 Christian denominations are represented and co-exist beautifully.

Is Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) optional if I/we are still active and healthy?

Our goal at PRC is to help our residents remain active, healthy and independent. However, if you should need care in the future, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to continue to stay right here. The continuum of care means you’ll never be forced to move elsewhere.

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

A CCRC offers a full range of living arrangements and care, from independent living and assisted living to 24-hour skilled nursing care. At Penney Retirement Community, we provide every level of care you need, when you need it, right on campus, close to family and friends.

Must I be a retired JC Penney employee to come to PRC?

A Penney Retirement Community is open to anyone who wishes to enjoy our beautiful community with all it has to offer.

Are the health care facilities available to non-PRC residents?

The primary purpose for our health care facilities is to provide care for our residents. Occasionally there is an opportunity for a “direct admission” into one of the facilities from outside PRC, depending on space and staffing availabilities.

Where are the health care facilities in relation to the residences?

All health care facilities are clustered in a central area on the campus, so you are only minutes from them.

Will I have to sign over my assets to live at PRC?

No. There is a one-time entrance fee and a monthly maintenance fee to become a resident at PRC. You retain possession and control of your assets. We will ask you to provide financial information showing ability to pay at least three years of service fees.