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Residents Riding bicycles at PRC

"I am delighted that my husband, Steve and I are now living and volunteering in this great, supportive community.  We’re following in the footsteps of family members (my parents, my cousin and his wife) who impacted the people here in significant ways before we arrived.  It’s terrific to be a part of the Penney history."



Residents in front of their home at Penney Retirement Community

After visiting several retirement communities in the Southeast, we evaluated the pros and cons of each. Retirees have many choices. Some friends relocated near family. Others chose to age in place or in over-55 communities. We felt led in a different direction: to live in a neighborhood where we could flourish, engage, and be encouraged to serve and enjoy our senior years within an organic, caring community. Whether one elects to continue full-time employment for a season as my wife did or immediately retire as I did, either is possible at Penney Retirement Community (PRC).  More importantly, our Christian values are reflected in PRC’s deeply engrained sense of service, volunteerism, and purpose. For us, fellowship with other residents on the tennis court, on the golf course, at the fitness center, in our homes, at Bible study, or in the dining room, adds to the joy of living at PRC.

- Gary


Resident at Penney Retirement Community

Penney is an authentic Christian retirement community. Mutual respect and integrity prevail. There is a spirit of joy on the Penney campus. I would definitely select Penney again!

- Jim


Resident in her kitchen at Penney Retirement Community

When my husband and I discovered Penney Retirement Community during the summer of 2016, we had no plans to relocate. We had already retired and moved into our retirement home (so we thought). We stopped by the community while we were on vacation in St. Augustine and looked just for curiosity, not knowing we would fall in love with the place, sell our home and move again.

We are so happy that we did! The community and the residents are unique. It feels like friends are everywhere!

- Betsy


Excersizing at the gym at PRC

"We found Penney to the perfect place to remain healthy in body, mind and spirit."



Painting as a pastime at Penney Retirement Community

Well, to be honest, we never did want to move from our home in beautiful North Carolina. But the economic advantage of Penny is what drew us to the tour offer. After that tour, there was no question. We knew Penney was for us. Now we have been here long enough for the “Honeymoon Period” to wear off and we love it even more. Alex works with the recycling team and with other men tending the grounds at the Penney Cemetery. The zest for life here is genuine and contagious. We are grateful to be a part of it!

- Fran


Gentleman at Penney Retirement Community

As a retired veteran, we were especially happy to find a Christian Retirement Community where over 25% of the residents are veterans. This made us feel right at home.

- Jim


Resident enjopying the park at Penney Retirement Community

Why am I at Penney?

To give my adult children the gift of peace that their mother is in a most beautiful, safe, secure, Godly, affordable environment. Where she is living in her dream residence, surrounded by friends, unending activities, with the opportunity to love and serve others. “I approach each day as a surprise package to be opened with enchantment.”

- Marion