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Penney Memorial Church (PMC) was erected by James Cash Penney as a memorial to his parents. It was built at the geographical center of the Penney Retirement Community to symbolize the centrality of the Christian church to the life of the community. Just as its lofty French-Norman tower rises above every other structure on campus, so, too, the Church’s membership demonstrates that it is possible for all followers of Christ, of whatever name or creed, to rise above their differences and worship together for the glory of God and to work for the salvation of the world.

The interior of the PMC is beautiful both visually and acoustically. It’s home to our 29-rank Holtkamp Pipe Organ as well as Mr. Penney’s own grand piano. CLICK HERE for more information about MUSICAL OPPORTUNITIES AT PENNEY.

PMC offers full membership as well as associate membership. PMC membership is not obligatory to living at Penney Retirement Community.

The church offers many opportunities to bless and be blessed. Here are some of the ways PMC does that.


Pipe Organ at Penney Memorial Church

Sunday School Classes
Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Evening Program
Bible and Theology
Bible Study
Holy Communion

Penney Memorial Church

Men’s Chorus
Penney Men’s Choir
Sanctuary Choir
Bell Choir Program
Plus 42 Leadership Roles


Services at Penney Memorial Chruch Wednesday Evening Program
Intercessory Prayer
Women’s Chorus
Chaplaincy Program
Healing Prayer Ministry