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Pavillion on the pond at Penney Retirement Community

Founded as a Christian community, Penney Retirement Community welcomes anyone who desires to share our values and enjoy the spiritual, social, psychological and physical benefits of serving others.

Entering residents must be at least 55 years of age.

A new resident’s health and physical condition should be such that he or she reasonably expects to be able to live a fairly active and fulfilling life of serving others while enjoying the amenities and activities within the community.

Serving others through volunteerism has been the central part of life on campus since the beginning and continues to be a vital component of our culture today.  Sustaining this history of supporting retired ministers and missionaries, we offer two financial scholarship programs. For more information please contact marketing.


Call or email us now for more information regarding admission policies and cost.
Call our Marketing Department at (904) 531-7025 or email at