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A Proud Heritage


As a minister’s son, J.C. Penney recognized the hardships clergy and missionaries often faced when they retired. His vision was to build a retirement community for pastors, missionaries and YMCA workers. In 1926 his vision became a reality.

Penney Memorial Church was the first structure completed in what was then called the Memorial Home Community, later renamed Penney Retirement Community. The French-Norman style church was the first building erected. Following that, 98 cottages were built and retired church workers of all denominations were invited to enjoy a productive lifestyle among like-minded, caring people.

Still a thriving, not-for-profit, interdenominational retirement community, Penney Retirement Community is now open to any person who desires to live a faithful, purposeful life as a part of a Christian community. We have more than 25 Christian denominations represented here, living in harmony and respect for one another.

.Penney Retirement marker

J.C. Penney pioneered the concept of purposeful living in retirement. Volunteering is at the heart of purposeful living. His vision lives on to this day and defines who we are. The extraordinary character of our community is more than our stated values and beliefs. It’s our appetite for vibrant living, expressed through a broad variety of activities and ministries, both on and off campus, shaping the unique atmosphere of Penney Retirement Community.

Penney Memorial Church