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Couple riding bicycles on the streets of Penney Retirement Community

“From many, one.” That’s not only the motto of the United States but it also aptly describes Penney Retirement Community. We come from genuinely diverse backgrounds and careers but Penney residents form ONE community with the unifying goal of loving God and serving our fellowman. Having an awful lot of fun along the way is a happy by-product of a life of service at Penney.

It’s been said that each resident is just as busy, happy and connected as he or she wants to be. That even includes the residents living in the assisted, memory and skilled care homes. The folks living independently strive to involve their neighbors living in these “satellite” homes and the staff is always more than willing to assist in this goal. To know that you will be surrounded by friends and neighbors as you age and may need more and more of their support is a great comfort to the residents as well as to their families.

Genuine quality of life is integral to our culture and every effort is made to meet the specific and individual needs of residents throughout their years. The freedom to live nearby or even in the same home when a spouse requires additional service, is one of the many benefits of living at Penney Retirement Community. The care-giver spouse is also supported in many ways so that the couple can enjoy the comfort and security they give each other.