Cycling 2There are many ways our residents would describe Penney Retirement Community, but among the most prevalent would be “fun,” “caring,” and “welcoming.” PRC is unique among retirement communities in that the residents play an active role in the governance of the community. One-third of the seats on the board of directors are reserved for residents, and the resident’s association determines much of the activity at PRC. Residents are encouraged to be involved by serving on the board or on committees of the association, sharing their experience and knowledge in service to the other residents.

As a Christian community, PRC offers many faith-based activities and the Penney Memorial Church is, in many ways, the heart of the community. Nearly 30 denominations are represented among the residents today, each contributing to the caring environment and small town atmosphere of PRC. The spirit of helping others is most evident in the volunteerism of the residents. For example, the P.E.T. program builds Personal Energy Transport systems – self-propelled carts for people in third-world countries who have lost a limb or are unable to walk. These P.E.T.s are sent to countries around the world, helping many who were the unfortunate victims of land mines, war and disease.

Residents describe their community as a place where the warmth and support of their neighbors is felt daily. “Heaven on earth,” said one resident, while another described PRC as “an oasis.” The opportunities for volunteerism and the commitment to helping others is complemented by an active and health-minded community of people from many cultures and backgrounds. Many residents say that PRC is not unlike a college campus, where residents enjoy learning new things and sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Take a seat in the Dining Room and you’ll soon be joined by interesting and engaging people eager to learn more about you. Mealtimes are filled with the joyful sounds of laughter and conversations filling the beautiful dining facility as residents spend their mealtimes in genuine fellowship.

Many of our resident couples have celebrated more than 50 years of marriage and there have been a number of weddings among PRC residents over the years. The ability to remain nearby when a spouse needs additional care is one of the many benefits of living at PRC. Pets are welcome, as are visitors, and PRC offers space for visiting friends or family to stay.

PRC offers such a wide variety of activities that every resident can do as much or as little as he or she likes. Whether it’s learning to paint, use social media, or tai chi classes, there are many opportunities to take part and expand your knowledge. From swimming to dancing, golf or tennis, there are many choices for those who wish to stay active. For bookworms, there is a significant library. “We pick and choose the way we live,” said one resident.