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Today’s Reality

According to Dick Jaquin in a report to the interdenominational Lausanne organization, a drastic change has occurred in American churches in the last 20 years.

In the past, there was often an unwritten commitment to reward a life of sacrifice with ongoing support. Some churches no longer provide retirement benefits to dedicated missionaries, pastors, and church workers who have served faithfully and lived frugally in the U.S. and abroad.

The transition from full-time service to retirement presents a dilemma for many.  They have never owned anything, having lived in parsonages or mission houses and used the vehicles provided.  Their one-on-one skills do not transfer well with the current high technology jobs here.

Moreover, it is not uncommon for organizations to decide to support younger missionaries rather than spend those funds for retiring missionaries who often are plagued by illnesses contracted abroad.  Unless there are family members with means to provide for continuing care for these servants, they have few resources and fewer options.

Many qualified, prospective Penney residents, while having enough money to pay the monthly fees to live here, often face an insurmountable hurdle… they do not have sufficient assets to pay the entire entrance fee for independent living.

Mission organizations, non-profit service organizations, denominations, and megachurches are becoming aware of the problem but the changing economy and demographics are not easily surmounted.

Now is the time to face this issue and take action. 

Penney Retirement Community is leading the way by providing for well-deserving individuals.  We seek partners who will work with us to assist new residents who have lived faithfully and frugally in the service of needy people of all ages and locations.

Please help reward these selfless individuals. Use the donate button above to make a gift to the Shepherding the Shepherds Scholarship today!