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PET® (Personal Energy Transportation) The Gift of Mobility is a volunteer-run program that builds and distributes 3-wheeled hand-powered wheelchairs. They are distributed to men, women and children around the world who can no longer walk due to loss of limb from an illness, birth defect, land mine or war. The rugged terrain and lack of roads in many areas means the typical wheelchair would be unsuited for these individuals. But the PET is the perfect answer. With its hard rubber wheels, a PET can go virtually anywhere.

At PET Penney Farms, volunteers construct about 20 of the PET units each week at a cost of about $300 each – hundreds of dollars less than a wheelchair or prosthetic limb would cost. Penney volunteers raise funds to cover the cost of the materials.

We encourage you to learn more by watching this video or visiting the P.E.T. website.

To make a donation to PET, please go to their website; the donate button on the sidebar of this page is for donations to Penney Retirement Community, Inc.