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Purposeful Living Explained

Woodworking Shop at Penney Retirement Community


For us at Penney Retirement Community, purposeful living means loving God with all our hearts and loving our neighbors as ourselves.  This means volunteering, pitching in to lend a hand where we can, as our natural way of life. Sometimes that takes the shape of working with a club, committee or service ministry. Sometimes that takes the shape of just being a good, caring neighbor. Whatever shape it takes, it’s the heart attitude that makes our life of service a life of joy. That’s what we offer you at Penney Retirement Community.

There are many benefits to volunteering at Penney. One of them is the unique opportunity of having a large part of the governance of the community. CLICK HERE for ASSOCIATION OF RESIDENTS and HERE for BOARD OF DIRECTORS for more information.

Another very real benefit is that our strong volunteer force translates into lower operational costs.


Some of the Penney Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Association of Residents Area Representative
  • Arts & Crafts (Office Staff and Artisans)
  • Audio-Visual Crew
  • Barrows Hall Scheduling
  • Building/Maintenance Liaison
  • Cemetery (Office and Maintenance)
  • Coffee Shop
  • Executive Committee Assoc.
  • Food Committee
  • Friends of Orchids
  • Healing Prayer Ministry
  • Hospice
  • Knit-Wits
  • Mobility Worldwide (P.E.T.)
  • Model Train Club
  • Nominating Committee
  • Patient Advocate
  • Penney Gardeners
  • Penney Memorial Church
  • Penney Writers
  • Recreation Committee
  • Recycling Crew
  • Resale Thrift Shop
  • Respite Care Program
  • Social Concerns Committee
  • Special Events Committee
  • Symposium Speakers
  • Tax Preparation
  • TLC (Bereavement)
  • Travel Committee
  • Volunteer Coordination

Other opportunities to volunteer include:

  • Library assistant
  • Baking for special events
  • Wellness Center attendant
  • Swimming pool attendant
  • Electronics or watch repair shop helper
  • Nursing care home volunteer to serve meals, greet guests, etc.
  • Meal server at assisted living homes
  • Volunteer coordinators
  • Fund raising for projects such as the Penney Memorial Scenic Highway
  • Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)
  • Driving those who no longer drive
  • Fund Raising for projects such as the Penney Memorial Scenic Highway

We continually develop services as needs and/or interest arise.

In addition, many of our residents volunteer in the nearby community and several have been elected to serve as public officials in the Town of Penney Farms!