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REhab and Excercising at Penney Retirement Community

Wellness Clinic

PRC workoutResidents have on-campus access to fee-for-service physicians on an out-patient basis, including family practice doctors, specialists and dental care.

24-Hour Nurse Responder

There is always a registered nurse responder on duty in the event a resident needs immediate medical attention. One phone call brings the NR on duty to the resident’s door 24/7.


There are a number of physicians who regularly come to Penney Retirement Community to see patients.

PT, OT & Speech Therapy

Functional Pathways provides inpatient and outpatient therapy at Penney Retirement Community.


Atkinson’s Pharmacy is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


A hairdresser is available at the Pavilion on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 9:30 a.m.

Other Services

Other services available include a Protime Clinic for patients on anti-coagulant medications, a Blood Pressure Clinic and on-site Lab Work.